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japhet creek: full moon bonfire

2014 March 22







IMG_4588these photos and this event are way belated. hence the “te amo” cake, the last japhet creek full moon bonfire i went to was around valentines day. makenzie and i are lucky enough to have a good friend (shout out: andrew cobb) who recently moved into the neighborhood (north-east down-think-1-10-at-waco exit) and has turned his like full out permaculture. for one little baby second, while looking for a place to live, i thought about moving out to this community. but, i’m too much of a city girl, and the commute to work would so be so “green”. so i ever so gently smashed those garden girl dreams. if you haven’t heard the news, i just moved in with a new roommate // old friend near 59 + shepherd, this week. if you’re a friend “in real life” text me for a tour! and, if you’re still with me here, and, if you’re needing more HOUSTONCULTUREBLOG in your life  (or have a few minutes to spare on the internet to support something local) check out andrew’s new blog: bonus fact, while bike riding the other night i heard the next and final full moon bonfire, until it gets chilly again, is april 15th 2014 in adrew’s backyard at japhet creek. can’t think that far in advance, but hopefully i’ll be there!

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