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raw vegan dinner party

2014 April 3

IMG_5636last week my roommates and i hosted a raw vegan dinner party. it started with a trip to whole foods and ended with raw lasagna //  carrot cake cupcakes + vanilla orange creme frosting  // green + citrus salad // fresh orange juice. there were 10 of us in all, well 10 + a dog. and let me tell you, just because something isn’t cooked doesn’t mean it can’t take a long time to prepare. we started pretty early and ate pretty late. but it was so worth it, everything was way good. i had never consciously prepared a totally raw-vegan meal nor have i eaten so many dates. (turns out they’re pretty much in everything ) they whole thing was a success, as are most things when your roommate lets you use his juicer // food processor // and vitamix at your disposal. thanks kyle (said in a slightly annoying and sing-songy voice) can’t wait to help host another!








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