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meteor shower: davy crockett national park

2014 May 29

IMG_6418i’ve had this week off school. remember how i’m a pre-school teacher? well we have our regular school year, and then a majority of our summer is filled up with “summer camp” sessions. since i took such a nice (2 1/2 months nice) trip to costa rica this winter i’m going to be working the whole summer. but. we have both the memorial day week and 4th of july week off. yep, i pretty much have the best job ever, i know. so, for this past week i’ve been drivin all around central and east texas. watch meteors with friends at davy crockett national park near lufkin, visiting my dad’s side family farm house in bremond and finally heading back behind the piney curtian of east texas to visit my mom’s side.

for the friday night meteor shower trip i think we probably spent more time driving than at the actual site. it was a crazy spur of the moment trip, and honestly i was pretty grumpy and not really feelin it come friday afternoon. it had been a long hot week of being outside with children. but i decided that if i want to be the kind of person who puts a mattress in the back of the truck, drives 3 hours, and stays up all night talking to friends under the east texas stars then i’d actually have to get out of my comfort zone which pretty much consists of the 610 loop fill up my tank and do it. there were 5 of us total, 2 of which are leaving next week for a bike tour of the east coast. so this was a nice time to spend some time with them before they leave. also, a nice excuse to take an up close picture of the sam houston statue in huntsville // eat a dairy queen treat // see a lot of little meteors and one big meteor that was SO big i was able to say “whoa whoa whoa whoa” four times as it zipped in and out of the clouds. we watched the sun rise a few hours later, had breakfast in the little town of trinity, texas and then went home.









so glad i made myself go last friday. there are too many things in my life that i get grumpy about in the moment and then really really appreciate later. glad this one won’t have to be a “what if”.

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