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other side of the bayou: where all the cool kids watched summerfest 2014

2014 June 4
by dena

IMG_6426i went to summerfest the 2nd and 3rd year. 2010 + 2011 i guess it was. for the past few years, tickets have just been too much + there was no one i really wanted to see. i’m also not really in that scene, and by “scene” if you know what i mean you know what i mean. point is, last sunday i was riding my bike to sunday streets to meet up with some old co-op + food not bombs friends and while riding along the buffalo bayou trail i stumbled upon the shady hill next to the skate park. also knows as the place where all the cool kids watch/ listened to summerfest 2014. i squatted with them for a while. listened to the oh, hellos and washed out. it would have been cool to see die antwoord – but i had places to be. i had made sorta jokey sorta serious plans to kayak down buffalo bayou and pull off to see/ listen to summerfest this year, but the bike path proved to be a better view. so there ya go, the cheapest place to enjoy the over priced + non-local + beer funded + killer of our new grass at elenor tinsley park festival this past weekend.




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