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zine fest houston: 2014

2014 October 11
by dena

IMG_7433makenzie and i volunteered at this year’s zine fest. we were the front desk // information girls. makenzie did the little clicker to count how many people attended (some crazy number like 700 people or something!) and we shared the job of “spiel-giving”. the spiel went something like: welcome to zine fest // would you like a map of then vendors + list of events //here is a sign up email list if your interested // you like my outfit, why thank you! (just kidding that didn’t really happend, although i did look good) yes the event is free but we’re taking donations // umm humm maria and stacy are around here somewhere // and a blah blah blah. i practiced taking a deep breath, not getting stressed out, and speaking really really slow and clear which if you know me in real life is really hard for me to do when i’m excited.





IMG_7441by the end of the third hour we were kinda tired of using our mouths. i thought i had taken better pictures of the actual event, but dang looks like this is all i have. oh well, if you’re cool you were there in real life – so you don’t even need my stinkin pictures anyway.

also, that night (after i ordered the sweetest-most-not-tasting-like-alcohol drink at voodoo queen and got a little more humm, we’ll say fun and after makenzie and i requested and danced to one million songs on the jukebox) we biked on over (with all our friends) to zine prom (which i accidentally kept calling “bike prom”)(remember when i went to that and wrote about it HERE) point is the party was way fun. and the decorations. wow. so freakin cute! (i can say that because makenzie and i helped make a lot of them. then it was house party time and the night just kept going and going. i freakin love houston!


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  1. Shannon Zell permalink
    October 11, 2014

    Hi Dena,

    It’s so great to be able to see what your up to now and then. I wanted to see if you can add Under the Volcano “Dia de Los Muertos” fundraiser for Ser Ninos Charter School, to your calendar of events. It takes places Sat. Nov. 1st from 5 to 9 at Under the Volcano, Morningside and Bissonnet. Students, teachers and local artists make crosses to auction and raise money for our school. It’s avery ghoul event for all ages.

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