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nashville tennessee: all the touristy things

2015 September 5

IMG_9309ok nashville. here we go. i’m going to break this part of my trip up into a few different posts. this one will be about the touristy things i did. but don’t judge me on this alone, come back in a few days to read about the rest of my trip. (the next one’s going to be something about nashville and it’s hipster scene). ok so. all the touristy things: i drove into nashville mid afternoon and was on a little bit of a time crunch to pick up my keys from the front office of the apartment i’d be staying in. (there wen’t too many “i have to be there at a certain time” things in trip, this was one of the few) i reached out to a bunch of couch surfing people before arriving, but ended up with an even better situation. lemme try to explain. so i’m a preschool teacher, and my boss hired some interns this summer to work part time with us. one of them was the boss’s daughter’s good friend, and i worked with her most of june/july and we got along quite well. i told her about my trip and she was like “oh, my bff lives there – but is in texas for the summer – so you could stay in her place for a few days”. i wasn’t going to actually take her up on it, but then nothing better fell into my lap, so i did. turns out my intern friend’s friend was planning to move in with a mutual friend of hers. a girl she’d never met. so when i met the roommate who already lives there – she was like – oh, how do you know emma. and i was like, i don’t – i know her bff who was in houston interning at my school. how do you know emma? and she was like – oh, i don’t know her either – we have mutual friends but she is home for the summer and hasn’t been back to nashville since i moved in. what the WHAT? it so was weird // convenient and actually worked out so SO well. she worked all the time, so once i had the spare key i could come and go as i pleased. eat breakfast on the granite countertops // sleep under the down comforter // take naps + tan + read my david sedaris books at the posh pool. blah blah.



IMG_9387driving down lower broadway st was, humm, not what i expected. it was kinda like a mini time square, except everything was country. i LOVE city life and i LOVE country music + dancing. so it was sorta like a dream for me. (the pictures don’t do it justice. i swear) (lemme just say that i had to roll down my windows every time i drove down it, just to take in all the sights and sounds) too bad i’m cheap and wasn’t about to settle for the $15+ parking lots. one night i found free street parking 7 blocks off the main drag and walked (at night alone – don’t tell my parents) into town for a show at ACME Feed and Seed. it was a “cool” bar. but a little “too cool for school” for me to really like. and although i’m glad i went – it reminded me too much of some place you’d find in the new hip part of Austin (aka lots of white late-twenties transplants). i liked the band (blackfoot gypsies) that was playing and made friends with them afterwards. and for a tuesday night, i’m glad i went. actually, the lead singer from the band (while riding in his band’s tour van across the nashville bridge – what WHAT?) told me about east nashville and this venue called the 5 spot. that one recommendation literally “made” the rest of my trip. so for that alone – ACME, thank you.

IMG_9396i did the thing i was supposed to do: mail post cards. sorry halie – i wrote yours but yan never got back to me with your apartment number – so i never sent it. also – see how i wrote one to my fave dance home !!!

IMG_9361my dad’s one request was that i see this full scale parthenon at a park in nashville. so i did it. got a picture and left.

IMG_9364i walked over that little bridge on the left. drank a shot of bourbon on it and rode the elevator.


IMG_9370can’t really read the neon, but the second to last picture is from “nashville palace” a good ole country dance hall (but actually it was a real touristy place) that i went to with this dreamy cowboy who had just moved to nashville from austin. i spent more hours slow dancing cheek to cheek on that dance floor than any other establishment in nashville. swoon. and the last picture “melrose” that was the sign for my fancy high-rise apartments. mega swank! neon signs, touristy, right?

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