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tour of the houston ship channel: makenzie’s 25th birthday present

2015 October 7
by dena

IMG_9726makenzie turned 25 last month and we went on a tour of the houston ship channel to celebrate. for some reason i always thought this FREE boat ride was BYOB and for years would make jokes about drinkin on the ship channel. (how did we even find out about this? from chris pollard?) why did i even think that? it was definitely NOT a thing where one would drink alcohol. and good thing because we kinda got sea sick as it was. the ride was 1 hour-ish and we floated down 7 miles of the channel. lots of ship workers waved at us from their boats – and we made jokes about seeing our friend kirby (who works on a tub boat or something). the not highlight was saying one too many words to one of the captains (nick + mak know about how just one too many words can lead a stranger to talking your ear off. graustark bridge during the blue moon. ahh haa).  anyway. this guy (hes the on in the picture below with the hat closest to the baby water bottles) started going on and on about his wedding-boat business  in clear lake where he’s the driver and preacher and the ceremony is 25 minutes and his wife is the photographer and you can invite like 5 friends and they’ll throw in a bottle of champaign on the house and blah blah blah. we just nodded our heads a lot while he blabbed. besides that. the whole thing was good. oh, free baby sodas – that was the best part. so, want to go with your bff for your birthday? reserve your spot HERE.








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