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houston events calendar: february 15 – 21, 2016

2016 February 14
by dena

houston events calendar february 15 21 2016

ran into a guy i know at black hole and out of the blue he gave me a pete seeger record (i sing pete seeger songs with my pre-schoolers and they’re going to love this LP) – what the heck – happy valentines day to me i guess. thanks so much sam !!! a few other things: country dancing at neon boots was SO FUN, i can’t wait for rodeo season and all the two-stepping that goes with it // YAY micro satan on their successful tour (i mean, everyone’s being silly in the snapchat snaps so i’m assuming it went well) their show last thursday was so so SO HILARIOUS me nick and makenzie love all those guys (and girl) // valentines was semi-uneventful but let me just say if you received a card from me you should be oh so honored because i only gave them to a few people i really like. so yep. // a little sad to be taking all the red and pink garland down in my apartment, but I won’t stay sad long because just got a 1000 puzzle i’ve been dreaming about and a new square coffee table to do it on, so YAY long term goals. ok this week:

monday february 15, 2016:

  • comedy: open mic . rudyards . doors at 7:30pm . FREE
  • tiny concert (some guy peter lee said is real good) (ok, just told him i wrote that and he said i need to say the guy’s name: kirke campbell AND turns out it’s mr. campbell from PVA’s son) . poison girl . 10pm . FREE

tuesday february 16, 2016:

wednesday february 17, 2016:

thursday february 18, 2016:

friday february 19, 2016:

saturday february 20, 2016:

sunday february 21, 2016:

  • dang. laundry?



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