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texas road trip : lakes and camping and east texas

2016 August 13
by dena





camp creek, tx: middle school bff’s lake house north east of college station. spent the first few days journaling in the shade and floating in the lake.





bremond, tx : family farm house. had an alone day/ night. highlight was going to the walmart in marlin for my “outing” and then a $3 breakfast taco that you know i made stretch for 2 meals.

waco, tx: had an alone day exploring. the checker-outer at CVS recommended it and what the heck – i don’t know what tv is so obviously had no clue what to expect. ate lunch at taco bell. did internet things at a cool coffee shop // bar called dichotomy. but, not like THAT cool, don’t worry double trouble.

west, tx: relived a childhood memory of going to this stop n’ go kolache store AND went to one other weird place, but i’ll share on a separate post.




kennard, tx // davy crockett nation forest : met up with a boy i like and his cousins for some camping in davy crockett national forest (north east texas). did camping things like drink cheap beers and read while the boys mess with fire, swim in a lake, and go on night hikes. also explored the caddo mounds and cute little downtown nacogdoches. IMG_0384


broaddus, tx : visited aunt sandy on lake sam rayburn (a little more north east). fed the chickens, did crafts, make pizza dough.

this was basically the first half of my trip. i’ll do another one about my time in the hill country. BUT, i’m leaving tomorrow morning before sunrise for a arizona // colorado road trip so don’t make me do a calendar. (sorry all y’all who read and care about those …) but i will be back in 10 days and will do one then. okay. BYE.

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  1. Vahid permalink
    August 22, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your nice and pure experience

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