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houston women’s march

2017 January 26
by dena

IMG_1534i had been excited about the march all week but had no idea it was going to be THIS big of a deal. i didn’t make a sign, but did paint a venus tit tee (sorry otherwild for swiping that idea) (and yes, they’re also responsible for those rad “the future is female” shirts) (and sorry blog followers for not having a picture of it. there’s a little sneak peak of it on my instagram thumbnails) but i did go with my mom and we were part of something much MUCH bigger than ourselves.




IMG_1514we started at the sabine st bridge and “marched” to houston city hall for the BIG women’s rally. i saw all kinds of people, all in solidarity and support of women – and heck of humans in general. it was a huge inspiration and the surge of energy has been with me all week.

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