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no events calendar this week. yikes.

2017 April 26
by dena

sorry y’all. i spent sunday in austin, or “our state’s capital” as i’m rebranding it. (that way i don’t have to feel so guilty for liking it). anyway, i drove up sunday at 6:30am with a co-teacher and spent the day doing “deep cut” austin things with a friend who lives in nashville now but called austin home for a while. and what the heck, the weather was perfect – the company was beyond perfect and it was over all a great 8ish hours there. we got sunburned at deep eddy springs/pool and drove with the windows down singing along to a george strait greatest hits album. we ate multiple tacos from multiple establishments and drank some lone stars at chicken shit bingo. danced cheek to cheek to a country band and drank some more beers at live oak’s newish tap room. a not so bad 3 hour drive and we were back inside the loop for bedtime. HA.

anyway. sorry to let you down, i’ll post a calendar for next week FOR SURE.

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