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Welcome Week, Day 3: a day in our life

2012 January 12
by dena

8.30 AM wake up, hit the snooze button.

9.00 AM meet in the middle. we both live in the same apartment building but with different roommates.

9.02 AM makenzie calls dena and tells her to “hurry up”  because dena is ALWAYS running late

9.06 AM dena rushes down the stairs. compliment eachothers outfits, no matter what

9.08 AM jump on bikes and head out

10 AM stop in an abandoned lot and have a photoshoot

10.30 AM checkout some garage sale and if we’re lucky an estate sale

11 AM sneak into a random aprtment swimming pool

11.30 AM notice the patrolling security guard. decide to leave before we get kicked out. (we’re both pretty wimpy)

12 PM bike over to whole foods

12.05 PM try out every sample. at least twice

12.06 PM check out the hotties working the registers. at least twice !!!

12.08 order a sandwich

1 PM head over to Buffalo Exchage for a little treat. decide we didn’t want to spend any money anways

2 PM take a nap at Menil Park. wish we were hungry enough for a Good Dog hot dog

3 PM split up. we both get cranky without any alone time

6 PM meet up again. prep for FNB.

8 PM serve food to hungry people

9 PM find a way to get out of having to help wash the dishes

10.30 leave on our tanktops and cutoffs, grab some boots and head on out to Wild West.

11 PM dance our heart around with any guy who asks

2 AM stay until closing

2.05 AM stop as Wendy’s. get a large fries and frosty. put back on all the calories we just burned

2.30 AM don’t even bother to say goodnight. we’ve been together all day. time for some alone time.

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