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2012 January 15
by dena

At one point in Makenzie and my life we were proud to say that we had activity each night of the school week. Monday was open mic night at House of Te. Tuesday was open mic night at Avant Garden. Wednesday was Whiskey Wednesdays at Mangos/ Fitgeralds. and Friday was Wild West. We would sometimes go to BEETLE on Thursdays, but unless my parents were able to accompany us we couldn’t get in without both being 21. Therefore, Thursday was bookmarked as “lame”day.

That is no longer the case thanks to the SPJST lodge 88 which hosts BINGO each Thursday night in the Houston Heights for a whopping deal of $5. Makenzie and i first attended BINGO here about a years ago. I was informed by a family friend and thought it would be a good Dena/Makenzie date night (we left the boyfriends at home). And to our surprise it was unbelievably fun. We got there around 7, not knowing that most people get there around 5:30 to stake out a good table, and almost left because we had so much trouble finding a seat together. We eventually did find a two chairs next to a soon to be future Facebook friend, Karen. We spent $5 on 10 sheets which got us through the night and an additional $1 on a BINGO dabber. We snacked on $1 grilled cheeses and $1 sodas. Although we didn’t win any money we were hooked.

A year later my boyfriend and out of town best friend Halie were searching for a fun outing on a Thursday night. I, without hesitation, suggested BINGO. We went and had a blast. We didn’t win any money (although the lady next to Tony won $110) we shared laughs and BYOsnacks.

The next week Halie’s boyfriend came in town from Kansas and we decided go to BINGO once again. This time inviting my boyfriend, her boyfriend (Caleb), Makenzie, and friends Rachel and Shoshana. Makenzie and I arrived at 5:30 pm and staked out a table on the front left side of the building. We made spur of the moment place cards and unloaded our BYOsnacks. These included: mini S’more cups (i’ll post a recipe of this sometime soon), chocolate covered potato chips, baguette bread and olive oil dip, peanut butter cookies, olives, and love dip (from central market and literally to die for! ) Soon the rest of our friends came and the games began.

In a nutshell none of us won, although there was a point during the blackout game that shoshana was down to three numbers and we were all on tiptoes waiting to see how it panned out. We also left full and exhausted, its crazy how a simple game and sweet treats can make you so tired. Until next time, good luck BINGO players we’ll defiantly be seeing you all agin soon.

send makenzie and i am email if you want the location/more details. 




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