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What’s Actually In My Purse: Makenzie

2012 February 10
by dena

You know how people will take a picture of everything that’s in their purse? It’s usually full of cute quirky little items, like homemade lipbalm and water color sets and holga cameras. Dena and I’s purses? Not so much. My purse is full of junk and papers and receipts that I decide I can’t throw away. Don’t believe me?

I Spy: old batteries, an i-clicker for business classes, old wristbands, crayons, a crunched up water bottle, a recipe I’ve been carrying around for weeks….

Well, I cleaned up my purse recently. You still won’t find any quirky stationary or fun accessories. But you will find everything I need to get through my day.

Part 1: Sketchbook, weird photo I stole from goodwill, pocket knife, lipstick, book, a snack, a directors baton?, drawing pen, camera.

Part 2: Planner, wallet, video camera, i-clicker

My grandad bought me this personalized pocket knife for Christmas. I love it! I’ve always wanted a pocket knife. I mostly use it to cut thread and yarn for craft projects.

Close up of the weird photo. Today Dena and I went to goodwill and I saw this weird guy. I HAD to have it.

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