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If it’s free, it’s for me

2012 March 3

Last week Makenzie and I almost let IHOP free pnacake day slip out of our grasp, luckily we were reminded at the last minute (thanks fro the text dad). We dropped everything and headed over to the IHOP at US 59 and Kirby dr.

I thought i might be filled with school kids, we got there at 3:30 pm, but to our surprise there was hardly anyone there. And of the people that were there, most were actually ordering real food off the menu. How could anyone spend money on breakfast food when free pancakes are right there, beats me.

1. makenzie came to pick me up from class, she was a little grumpy. can you tell ?

2. we drove down west alabama towards kirby. notice the dream catcher? i got it for makenzie from new mexico last year.

3./4. Posing in front of IHOP, i saw that Shriner man and automatically got super self conscious… eeekkkk

5. pretending to look at the menu, really just wanted a good picture for the post

6. Makenzie super stoked about her 3 free pancakes

7. my pancakes, and no thats not ketchup, its strawberry syrup but good guess

8. i took the rest of mine home for breakfast the next day


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  1. March 3, 2012

    Free food?! How did those people pass it up?! I can’t Jesse and I forgot about this! 🙁

  2. alicia permalink
    March 4, 2012

    makenzie! it’s alicia (anthro/ bh)! i’ve been trying to find your email but i’m not having much luck. can you email me: alicia lynette (at) gmail

    and free pancakes? AWESOME.

  3. March 7, 2012

    what the heck! FREE pancakes how have I never heard of this!!!! Will they do it again?

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