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Buffalo Exchange Adventures + Shopping For Spring Formal

2012 March 16

One of Dena and I’s favorite activities is shopping at Buffalo Exchange. Every Friday, we go to Whole Foods for a sandwich for lunch and then we head over to Buffalo Exchange to look for a new outfit. For those of you who don’t know, Buffalo Exchange is a hip resale store that caters to young people. You can find AMAZING designer pieces there (hello, YSL trousers for 30 bucks? Celine dress for $40?) along with more moderately priced trendy items from stores like Urban Outfitters or Zara. I rarely buy anything, I mostly just browse but we love taking pictures of outfits and shoes. Check out some of our finds!

What happened to my arms? That pancho was pretty cool but a little expensive. NEXT!

Here’s Dena trying on a few things. You may notice that Dena is a Nikon girl.

(This is how you pose if you have a blog, obvs)

I absolutely loved this dress. It was vintage silk with rhinestone detailing around the collar. It was $30, and I didn’t feel like spending that much money without a place to wear such a nice dress. Little did I know that I would be going out to a very fancy Valentine’s dinner only a few days later. Alas…

How cute is my best friend? Shout out to me in the background taking the photo.

(How cute is Dena in the background of this picture? We called that dress she’s wearing “The Lyrical Dress” because it looks like one of those cheesy dresses you wear if you’re on drill team and you get assigned a “lyrical” peace. If you didn’t do drill team, just trust me.)

I wanted to get this dress for Spring Formal at St. Thomas. It was way too small, oh well. Every year, St. Thomas has a big prom style dance. It’s a little bit silly, but we always go and have a good time dancing and dressing up. Freshman year, I ended up having to work really late so my date had to go with Dena and her BF. Through a series of unfortunate events, Dena’s mom and dad had to take me to the formal (middle school, anyone?). Despite that, I ended up having a good time, even though I was exhausted. That was back in the days when I worked retail. Sophomore year, Dena and I went with my roommate Celine. Before we went to formal, we rode our bikes Downtown to see Sublime play at Discovery Green. Dena even got the setlist! We were hot and exhausted afterwards but we still wanted to dance! After formal, I went to house of pies with my then boyfriend and a bunch of his friends and they won three stuffed animals from the claw machine. What will this spring formal bring? We’re not even sure if they’re having a spring formal this year. Oh well.

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