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spring break strawberry pickin’

2012 March 17

Spring break is coming to an end, but the strawberry fields at Froberg’s Farm in Alvin, Tx are still in full bloom. Thanks to all the rain we received in Houston this past weekend, the berries were redder and ripper than ever. The ground was still a little soft but my mom and i totally lucked out; the owners decided to open a special side field full of strawberries just for today’s costumers, which meant virgin strawberry plants with plenty of berries to pick.

In my family, berry picking has become a tradition. In fact we head out to Alvin a few times a year each spring. With the berries we collect we make homemade strawberry shortcake and hand canned strawberry preserves and jellies.


1. we drove past the country road the first time, don’t know how we missed the BIG sign.   2./3. homemade fried pies for $2 wow, can’t beat that. we got 2: coconut and strawberry/apricot.   4. lovely flowers for sale.   5. walking out to the strawberry field.doesn’t the sky look eerie?   6. me with a half full bucket of picked strawberries.   7. beautiful weather makes from a busy day at the farm.   8./9. ripe strawberries.   10. a full bucket, cost us $7.88. what a deal for pick your own fresh berries.   11./12. shopping around their farmers market. the pickled beets reminded me of James from Bleu Bird Vintage  who claims they’re her FAVORITE.   13. and what’s a country store if it doesn’t have a sleeping cat.


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  1. March 17, 2012

    Love fresh strawberries! Those clouds are gorgeous.

  2. christi permalink
    March 19, 2012

    LOVE froberg’s.

    You could also make some homemade fruit leathers – that’s what Mr. Andy and I did last Easter with our bucket of goodness 🙂

  3. Grace permalink
    March 22, 2012

    what a PERFECT shirt for strawberry pickin’! sweet. =)

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