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Nail Art: Bluebonnets!

2012 March 23

Over spring break, I convinced my little sister to let me do her nails. She’s 13. Ugh, who remembers being 13? Me. God, I was so obnoxious and awkward. Luckily, Addison is not as awkward as I was (lucky her!). I did bluebonnet nail art on her in honor of our trip to the hill country!



– Background Polish (I picked light blue)

– Green nail polish for stems

– Dark blue polish for bluebonnet flowers

– White polish for accents

STEP 1: Paint your base coat. So far, so good, am i right?

STEP TWO: Paint on the stems. I used a fine tip nail art polish but you can use a toothpick to make the fine lines. I wish I had a darker green nailpolish, but alas, this was all I had.

STEP THREE: Add tiny blue polka dots all along the stems. (You can do this with a regular polish brush)

STEP FOUR: Add white dots at the top of the flower. Voila! You’re done!

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