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free concert: KTRU

2012 March 24

One of the hardest things i’ve experienced so far in regards to blogging is the lagging connection between real world time and published “post” time. For example: i have no problem hitting up local events or staying busy doing “cool” things, and carrying my Nikon around with me is not at all a hassle. i can even make time to compose a quick post with photos and descriptions in-between classes, but keeping the posts relevant to their event date had been swamping me recently.

This KTRU concert post, one of many examples, should have gone out last week (the concert took place on the 17th). but here i am, just now posting it. anyway, sorry for the rant. to be proactive towards this “problem” i’ve come across, my newest blog related goal is to post “event posts” ASAP. other timeless posts (nail art and recipes, sorry makenzie) will have to be squeezed in accordingly.

so, without further adieu, here is documentation to how i spent my St. Patricks day 2012:

1. walked around the venue (Rice University’s Central Quad) just missed Demonic Hen and waiting for Titus Andronicus to set up

2./3./4./5. Titus Andronicus. Opened with “the boys are back in town”. all in all they put on a fab show. the audience was pulsing with the beat, everyone was dancing!

6. some inspiring outfits. the concert itself looked like a promo for urban outfiters. ha.

7. next up local band, Wild Moccasins, on the inside stage

8./9. i was privileged to enjoy the afternoon with my friend jackie  (R) and her roommate (L) (jackie and i have a local music addiction, when she’s in town you can find us at EVERY show) (look for a Dr. Dog post featuring Jackie sometime this week)

10./11. up next, on the outdoor stage was Chair Lift (sweet jumpsuit)

12. whats an outdoor concert in Houston with out food trucks, thanks guys!

13./14. while walking back to my bike i took some outfit posts and then randomly ran into titus andonicus’ lead singer Patrick Stickles. i snapped a photo and chatted for a while about his cancelled show at Warhouse Live earlier in the week before heading home.

KTRU never lets it listeners. Thanks for another great concert.

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