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repurposed leftovers

2012 March 28

I know Makenzie is usually the one to post recipes, but i thought i’d give this one a try. i LOVE indian food and out of all the Houston indian restaurants i’v tried (i’ve been to at least a dozen) Shiva in the Rice University Village Arcade is my favorite. I often go with a friend and when i do, we share the Shiva’s Delight sampler platter. it’s only $12.00 and is defiantly enough food for two to share. This particular night i had enough saag panier (creamed spinach with panier cheese chunks) left over to repurpose the next day. I decided to make my own saag panier filled pocket pies. Heres how i did it:


              – left over saag panier, cheapest can biscuits you can find, milk/cream optional, 1 or 2 eggs, a little bit of butter


1st – crack open your can of biscuits, i only specified “cheapest can” so you can show off about how inexpensive the meal was

2nd- mix your saag panier with an egg or two (depending on how much you didn’t eat the night before) this stiffens the filling

3rd- flatten out the biscuits, add a small spoonful of the saag panier/egg mix, fold in half, crimp edges with a fork

3rd- brush the tops of the little baby pocket pies with butter or milk, whatever you have in your fridge

4th-lay them out on a cookie sheet and bake until golden brown. i just followed the direction on the can of biscuits

5th-wait for them to cool and then enjoy. i ate mine with sour cream.

1. for the middle fritter i just cooked the extra saag panier/ egg mixture (i didn’t have enough biscuits to use it all) in a skillet and made a latke kind of thing out of it – equally as good as the pocket pies i might add.   2. two bite pies, notice the yummy panier cheese chunk in the middle.   3. the proud cook, hungry and ready for dinner.


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