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makenzie trivia: fact 1

2012 April 3

Here’s a random fact about me:

My all time favorite drink to order at a coffee shop is a double espresso over ice with vanilla in a tall glas. It fills the glass about half way. I fill the rest of it with half-and-half. It’s so rich and sweet and strong and probably really unhealthy BUT IT’S SO GOOD. An old boyfriend got me into drinking them. He had a name for it, but I forgot.

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  1. April 10, 2012

    The name for it coffee and cream:) right?
    I wish I could have half and half. It messes me up!

    • April 10, 2012

      It’s like coffee with cream except REALLY intense and sweet. I’ve becoming more and more of a tea person, caffeine has been making me crazy I think.

  2. April 10, 2012

    Ok so this sounds so good. I have to try it next time Im with you at a coffee shop!

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