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springtimin’ down buffalo bayou

2012 April 9

Its officially springtime here in Houston. We’re crossing it fingers this beautiful weather stays longer than a blink – because before we know it it’ll be 95 degrees and 80% humidity. (i’ve lived here 21 years and i’m finally figuring this out)

A few weekends ago Mak and I took some country-dance-partner friends up an offer to canoe down buffalo bayou. We’d both been wanting to do this forever (i’ve had it on my summer to-do list since high school) and so when sam and bret offered, we couldn’t pass it up.

We parked my truck in a gravel lot at Woodway/610 loop. From there we grabbed some life jackets/sunscreen/water bottles/and a radio and eased into our two canoes. Makenzie and i split up (if was hard to be far  from each other, so far = in sperate canoes, more than 2 feet away from each other). The boys and i did all of the paddling – in fact makenzie used to extra life jackets to make a little pallet and practically slept the whole way. We paddeled a good 8+ miles and got out at the Allen’s landing (aka the birth place of Houston). The trip in its entirety took a few hours, it could have been done in 2, but we were in no hurry. Once we approached our docking area we called our friends at the canoe rental place and they picked us and the gear up and took us back to the original parking lot. It was a totally great deal and make and i both totally recommend it !

photo credit to Bret ( in the blue shirt )


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  1. April 10, 2012

    this seems like so much fun!! Bahaha Mak slept the whole way love it!!!! how much did it cost?

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