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free food, drinks, and yoga

2012 April 13
by dena

I’ve been taking yoga for 3+ years. i had just boken up with my high school bf and wanted to do something just for “me”. (i also liked the idea of being a “yogi” and had the realization that if i did yoga i’d be able to tell people i do yoga. it’s all about the image. NOT REALLY, but that sure did play a factor.) i started my yoga journey at joy yoga and from there have probably taken classes at 15+ studios by at least 30+ different teachers. i even make a point to take yoga classes while i’ve vacationing: hawaii, NYC, new mexico are the most recent yoga-abroad locations. Cura Yoga, Houston born and raised, has recently expanded from their River Oaks (highland village) and Green Living (Rice village) locations to give Houston it’s first …. drum roll please ….


are you familiar with this concept ? well a donation studio is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like: a studio run solely on generosity. there are no set prices at Blue Tree Yoga Studio, so you simply pay what you can.

Makenzie and i met up with a friend, chayse, and helped Blue Tree Studio celebrate their grand opening. free food, drinks, and yoga? i mean, come on, you know we were there!

1. so many good vegan samples, everything from strawberry pie to beet juice to kombucha.   2. salad left overs, time to pass the plate (btw mak and i share EVERYTHING).  4./5./6./7. dena eating a cupcake, chayse sippin’ on a drinky. matching shirts.   8. henna (mak and my first time to hang out = i invited her across the hall to my dorm room for a free henna tattoo).   9. macy giving her a tat.   10. my henna tattoo a few hours later.   11./12./13. some crazy performance partner yoga moves. lovin’ the rain boots.

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