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dena trivia: fact 2

2012 April 18

Growing up my parents and I (i’m an only child) would spend our weekends visiting my dad’s parents in the country. They lived in a baby town called Bremond (between Bryan-college station and waco) whose population is 876 people. My dad’s parents have both since passed away, but we still own their house and visit it occasionally to feed the cows. As a kid i used to love driving up to the farm and hanging out with my cousins. we’d  walk down to the creek and make fairy houses, eat freezer pops but the dozen, throw grasshoppers in the orb spider webs and sleep on the trampoline (I hung out with mak and a friend last night on one of the trampoline’s at Rice University – which jogged my memory of this) This also where i learned to drive, dance, and catch chickens! dena trivia fact #2:

as much as i LOVE city life – i’m secretly a little bit of a country girl at heart.

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