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a sneak peak: dena’s bumper stickers

2012 April 25

For this sneak-peak post i’m going to high light my tatted up pick up truck. This Chevy S10 was my Papa’s truck (my dad’s day who lived in the country) He mostly used this little truck to drive back and forth from the different farms, feeding cows and mending fences. When he passed away, around the time i was 16, he left the truck to me. I’ve been driving it for 5ish years and have loved every minute in it. In this truck i’ve: squeezed 5 people in the cab, spent the night, hauled all kinds of stuff, and as you can see covered a majority of the tail gate in bumper stickers.

This first picture is my truck + old bike (i loved that little crocheted baby but it got stolen this fall, read more about it here) grocery shopping at the neighborhood Fiesta  

Gotta represent my elementary school + UST School of Eudcation. And the blue one on the far right – that’s makenzie’s favorite. We bought it together at an antique shop in 19th street during a googlie eye graffiti rampage (we used to glue googlie eyes on weird things all over the city) Look closely and you can see that it is a large Dutch looking man and a small mild maid – super weird.

Bought this TX pride sticker at some little dingy truck stop on my way to New Mexico a while ago. Got the suger skull while in New Mexico a few years later. and notice my HSPVA sticker, i cut out the word “visual” so the red shows through … such an art kid.

Ani DiFranco and Moses Guest were the first two bands i ever traveled out of Houston to see. Ani = Austin, Tx on a school night in high school. Moses Guest = jackson hole, Wyoming during spring break in high school.

I got this cute little “simple Living” sticker in Lawrence, Ks while visit another best friend two years ago.

Can’t leave out my Hawaii sticker from my trip to Kauai this past summer. My two favorites: break the chains and don’t eat animals (two of my strongest convictions).

Art Crawl – count down the days to this every year. and camp for peace ? why not.

My favorite thing about driving a truck with a million-and-one stickers is watching people read them at stop signs from my rear view mirror. Sometimes i’ll notice them recognize one and i’ll turn around and smile at them. I’ve even had someone get really excited about the Brave Combo (my all time favorite polka band, i’ve been going to their shows since i was like 5) sticker on the bottom left – so excited in fact that we both jumped out of our cars at a red light to talk about the next show they’re playing. eventually people started honking and we had to keep driving. i never saw him again.

what do you guys think about bumper stickers ? have any yourself ? ever seen a really REALLY good one worth sharing?

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