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Belly Flop Contest?

2012 April 28

As you know, we’re college students, and the semester’s coming to an end. the only thing standing between us and summer nights are final exams. but i’m not going to use this post of complain about the ridiculous amount of stress we’re both feeling right about now (we’re both so lucky that tests and assignments are our biggest worries, some people have it so much worse).

To help us “stay afloat for finals” our school hosted a fab pool party, complete with free food and lots of entertainment:

finally a picture of us together. photo credit to Grace, thanks girl.

the idea of hawaiian pizza makes me nauseous, i ate too much of it after a KTRU music jam my freshman year and now i can’t even think about it without reliving that night.

belly flop contest:

the whole competition was every entertaining. one guy’s swim attire in particular …

i don’t know if this whole shebang took any final exam pressure off my back, but it sure was a fun reason to hang out with classmates. total success.

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