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Down Together radical pot luck April 2012

2012 April 29

For Mak and I, this has been the best month of 2012. (i’m pretty sure we say something like this regarding every month, for the most part we’re ecstatically enthusiastic people). but this moth in particular, it seems like we’ve made more friends and met more radical people who share our vision than ever before. and for that we’re grateful.

Since makenzie and i have been best friends we’ve had ups and downs regarding additional camaraderie. We’ve gone through insecure stages, invisible stages (where we could practically do a cartwheel in a crowded room and no one would notice), and are currently going through a completely content, pleasant, supported, confident (owning it) and exhilarating stage of life. (yes, we share everything, including our mood swings).

one factor in this new light thats been shed upon us, and that we’re shedding on all the we meet, has been the good folks at the Down Together Collective Community. This house, located in Houston’s 3rd ward, is shared by 5 like minded guys and 1 rad girl. We know most of them from FoodNotBombs and around town in general. Each month they host a vegan potluck at their compound, it was makenzie and my first time attending; we had a blast.

we got their early to help prepare tofu scramble, wash some lingering dishes, and just hang out with some of the guys who live there.

around 7:30 guests started arriving, bringing an array of vegan friendly dishes.

Mak and I brought melon + mint leaves (fresh from my garden) and limes 

after eating and mingling, we started playing so pretty goofy games. this picture was taken during a clap-a-thon. we began organized but it eventually just turned into a clapping, stopping jumble of bodies making some obscure “music”.

did a little yoga skill share. in other words, showed off using our flexible bodies. my claim to fame was “bird of paradise”

next we formed a circle and started playing “what are you doing” a theatre game that had us all laughing like crazy.

Makenzie and i were one of the last ones to leave, the party stretched good into the night. we had a ball, meeting new friends and held our breath all of friday in anticipation for the Down Together stop at Counter Crawl IV which made the potluck seem like a pre-party. we had no idea what was in store for the rest of our weekend.

check back tomorrow for a whirlwind of CounterCrawl IV pictures – had trouble scaling down, so its bound to be a FULL post.

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  1. May 7, 2012

    I love the pink walls!!!!

    • May 7, 2012

      me too! turns out they were pink when the gang started renting the house, so it’s not like they chose to paint them pink. BUT i think it totally fit with the vibe and always make me smile.
      btw – you can comment again!

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