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menil park picnic + photo shoot

2012 May 4

Makenzie and I used to practically live in menil park. you know how there is always a big exclusive group of people sitting in a circle hangin’ out and lookin’ cool ? well that used to be us and the gang we hung out with, but times have changed and now we frequent the park less and less it’s  usually just to tan, work on homework before class, or people watch.

These pictures were taken last friday during a 30 minute lunch break we both had between class and work. we are off our usual whole food sandwich craze (anyone else boycotting the make-your-own-sandwiches now that the ciabatta bread is size regulated ?) and so opted for 2 for $5 pizza. Not too many cool kids at the party today, probably all still asleep. we did run into a yoga class and some scavenger hunt people – semi exciting.


makenzie’s favorite kind of whole foodies pizza = margarita.

dena’s favorite = pesto kind, don’t know what its called. both vegetarian.

pictures of us together. i love when this gets to happen. thanks Nikon self timer.



hope this quintessential spring weather sticks around for a while. lots of plans for this weekend, not as jam packed as last week (dang studying for finals) but do expect some new around town event photo posts soon!


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  1. May 4, 2012

    Oh Menil how I have missed you! Seriously CAN NOT tell you how excited I am to be in Houston again!!! We’re still unpacking, but I will text you soon! Promise! Good luck to yall on finals!

    • May 4, 2012

      ya girl. we can’t believe you’re already out and about (baseball game and everything!) and didn’t even tell us !!!

  2. Matti permalink
    May 4, 2012

    Do you guys have a tumblr I can follow?

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