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late night photography

2012 May 11

monday night a new friend and i decided to troll the town via bikes. so far nothing new: if you’re friends with me we’ve probably riden bikes before, and theres even a pretty good chance we’ve done so late at night. what struck this night as so unique was the camera gear that filled our messengers bags. it was my very first late night bike “photography” ride and it was KILLER COOL.

we started the adventure off near the houston medical center, on the top floor of a random parking garage. and yes, to answer your question, we rode up those 10 levels on our bikes, my exercise for the month! we took turns using the tripod and setting the camera, so i can’t take credit for ALL these pictures

next spot: a short bike ride away north to MacGregor and 288. the full, but not quite SUPER,  moon was rising and i wanted to be sure we took advantage of it. (btw, totally biked over this same bridge the next day for a totally different reason, guess i’m destined for the 3rd ward part of town)

then we headed to houston’s north downtown district. took the elevator up to the top of another garage (elevator = smart idea) and shot these beauties. because it was a monday around 11pm we pretty much had the city to our disposal – although we did run into a few long boarders who were also taking advantage of the parking garage.

we rode back towards montrose via the bayou bike trail; took sometime to bask in the purple glow before heading home. all in all the ride was a total success and i am now a million times more confident when it comes to manually setting my camera in the dark. can’t wait for another late night bike date, until then you know i’ll be honing in on my new found obsession.

on a side note, makenzie and i are both officially undergrad seniors! so, look forward to an end of school post + a recap of the Houston Art Crawl Ball we attended last night!


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