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Houston Events: weekly calendar May 13-19 2012

2012 May 13

welcome to Pancho and Leftey’s first ever Houston Events: weekly calendar post. as you may have noticed, makenzie and i LOVE houston and all the events this city has to offer. i always say, “if you can’t find something to do on any given day in houston, you’re  just not looking in the right places”. this post category is my newest project, now thats its summer i have no excuse not to start up something new. i plan on creating a weekly calendar of events i’ve either heard about from friends, the newspaper, facebook, or random event websites and share them with you readers. i’ll be sure to add links for more information but PLEASE feel free to comment with your take on any of the events listed or any other events you want to invite the public too. my dream is to have this post category develop into something much bigger than makenzie and my social life; a place where people come for credible events and open forum for comments and invitations.

  • discovery green pretty much has some sort of free exercise class every day. i LOVE “ananda yoga” i’ve taken classes from jerry and michelle for years and actually met up with them this summer while in Kauai, Hi.
  • 2nd annual food truck festival. $16 gets you admission, free drinks, and entertainment.
  • Houston Food Not Bombs shares vegetarian food with hungry people 4 nights a week in front of the Downtown Public Library.

  • I’m going to this exciting transit symposium hosted by the Asia Society Texas Center. Some of the workshops cost $ but a majority appears to be free (all you need to do is RSVP online). if you care at all about Houston’s public transportation future – this is right up your alley.
  • I’ll also be at the HUG meeting. this month’s speaker will be talking about what to plant in your backyard garden now. always free and informative.
  • Houston Food Not Bombs shares vegetarian food with hungry people 4 nights a week in front of the Downtown Public Library.


well, thats this next week in a nutshell. please PLEASE feel free to comment on these events or add any events you know of to the list. hope to run into some readers on the streets of houston this week.


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