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Look Mom I Can Cook: Agua Fresca

2012 May 17

Agua Fresca is the perfect treat for summer. I first had agua fresca when I was in high school working in a restaurant. Some of the cooks would make agua fresca in the mornings and I would love to sip on it all day.

My grandparents brought a watermelon from Luling to us this weekend. Luling is the watermelon capital of Texas. They have a huge watermelon parade every year and one lucky girl is crowned the watermelon queen.

I decided to turn the left over watermelon into a tasty drink to enjoy on my parents patio while the sun set this evening. It’s easy to make and tastes delicious AND is good for you. It’s not the sweetest drink you will ever make but it’s still refreshing.



– 2 big rounds of watermelon

– 3 tbs Agave or Honey

– A little salt

– Ice

Chop up a bunch of watermelon. De-seed it and cut off the rind. I used two big rounds of watermelon.

Throw all the watermelon into a food processor or blender. Add 3 tbs of agave or honey and a little salt.

Blend the watermelon until it is liquid-y

Strain the watermelon juice from a fine sieve. The pulp will be left and the juice will be in the bowl. You can pour the pulp into ice cube trays and freeze them to put in lemonade.

SHOE BREAK: Here’s the shoes I wore. Dena has simlar ones. However, mine broke one day. I was on a first date and as I walked up to the restaurant, the strap broke. Very embarrassing! My date was a good sport. We ended up driving home so I could get a change of shoes. Kind of awkward, but the date actually went pretty well.

Here’s the platform. I’m trying to wear heels as much as I can. So I can be more confident etc.

TA DA pour the juice over ice. I added some chopped up strawberries which tasted really delicious and sweet. You could also use margarita salt on the rim or add sprigs of basil or mint. Or even some lime! The possibilities are endless!

P.S. – I’m reading Lucky Peach magazine. It’s so good! It’s a magazine of food and food writing. Luckily, I found it at the public library. Otherwise, it’s $12 an issue! Wow!

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