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sneak peak: dena’s ring collection

2012 May 31

if you’ve been following PanchoandLeftey long you probably know about the “sneak peak” category. i personally LOVE snooping in on stranger’s personal lives. (if you know me well at all you know what extreme i go to find out weird facts about random Houstonians) so, this category is a way for you fellow snoopers out there to get a little “sneak peak” into makenzie and my life (so far i’ve been the only one to post in this category but maybe if you leave a nice comment below makenzie might reveal some of her secrets!)

anyway, you may remember my “sneak peak: dena’s bathroom” post a while back, well this post is pretty much an extension of the saucer full of rings highlighted previously. i LOVE rings and hardly go a day without wearing two, or three, or four. without further adieu, her is my collection:

i wear these two rings everyday. my mom got the turquoise one in mexico when she was my age. i used to wear a small silver band on my pinky (i bought it at the bayou city art festival) but lost it in the wood shop at my high school. i now wear a thick silver band i bought in Kauai, HI last summer. it’s inlaid with a tradition hawaiian pattern and tends to leave me with a good ring tan.

these are my other three favorite turquoise rings. the pinky one i got on my second trip to New Mexico at the White Sands’ gift shop (i’m super cheep and often get stressed out about buying things over $5, i vividly remember making a pro/con list regarding this ring to decide if i really wanted it) i bought the the ring and middle finger ring on my fourth trip to NM (random fact: texas is obviously my favorite state, but NY and NM tie as my second and third)

these are 3/4s of  my gold rings. pinky finger: this was my great aunts. the ring finger: i bought at a flea market in NM.  pointer finger: my grandpa’s wedding ring. i LOVE that my mom gave it to me, its one of my very favorites. i usually write notes on the top of my hand when i want to remember things, but sometimes when i’m wearing this ring i move it to my thumb to remind me of whatever i need to remember. does that make sense?

this pinky ring was my aunt’s wedding ring in her first marriage, she got divorced and gave me the ring THANK YOU. i bought the ring finger ring at an antique store on 19th street after breaking up with a bf, a little treat for myself. this pointer ring is another one of my absolute favorites. i bought it with mak and an old college friend on a roadtrip to college station, tx.

these are a few hodge-podge rings i hardly ever wear. ring finger: a random james avery ring makenzie gave me when she got tired of it. middle finger: a turquoise ring from a garage sale in Palestine, Tx. pointer finger: a weird but sorta magic ring that Tim the spicy popcorn man (if you hang around montrose much you know who i’m talking about) specifically gave me at a party on christmas night.

ring finger: a REAL opal/rudy ring from my great aunt, she bought it in california in the 1950s. pointer finger: an amber ring bought for my by an ex-bf.

three miscellaneous rings. pinky finger: a sparkly coctail party ring my mom used to wear, i sported it at the art car ball. ring finger: a super sweet 20th birthday present from an ex-bf (you know who you are sir). middle finger: a super enchantingly strange ring from the guild shop on dunlavy. i used to draw the filigree design on my leg as a pretend tattoo.

ring finger: a 19th birthday present from another best friend, she homemade it out of wire and a bead! middle finger: bought this ring for $10 at the international festival two years ago, i wear it with every little black dress.

whimsical plastic ring i got from who-knows-where. hardly ever wear it, but wanted to post a picture of makenzie’s legs so you’d know these pictures were legit. HA

anyone else have an impressive ring collection. i’d love to hear all about it !


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  1. May 31, 2012

    These are ALWAYS my favorite posts!!!

  2. May 31, 2012

    And I just wore my ‘poison’ ring the other day!

    • May 31, 2012

      awww thanks alex. i’ve been trying to make blog posts that i’d like to read, so good to know we have THIS in common. and that store was the best! one good thing, besides dance halls and freebirds, in bryan/college station.

  3. June 1, 2012

    1. I didn’t know that ring was your aunts wedding band
    2. Who gave you the amber ring?
    3. HI

  4. Anonymous permalink
    June 15, 2012

    I think I gave you that plastic blue one!

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