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my Free-Press-Summer-Fest story. day 1

2012 June 4

this was my second year going to summer fest. i didn’t go the 1st year, went the 2nd year with makenzie and my bf at the time, didn’t go the 3rd year, and wasn’t going to go this year (i was attempting to boycott it due to its popularity) BUT, got persuaded to go and get Keep-Sharing-Free-Petition signatures. the free ticket helped too.

got there early hoping to beat the LONG LINES and instead got stuck in a little bit of this. good thing i had my petition clipboards with me and a fellow food not bombs buddy. ended up walking the length of this line from noon-3 giving my keep-sharing-free counter amendment spiel and asking for signatures. 99% of registered houston voters agreed.

the main thought going through my head during day 1 of free press summer fest 2012: i kept forgetting FPSF was a “music” festival. maybe thats because my goal was to get petition signatures or because i only recognized 6 of the bands who played saturday. or maybe it was because there was so much other stuff going on, like art installations and vendors. either way i had to remind myself to go listen to a band every now and then.

one show i wasn’t going to miss was Side Show Tramps. i’m lovin craig kinsey’s shirt homemade shirt (just saw on facebook that he’s taking orders if anyone wants to buy one). you also might recognize Y.E.Torres, the hottie belly dancer on stage next to geoffery. lookin good as always girl!

one of my favorite pass times at the festival was the water filling stations. not only because i was constantly thirsty but because i made friends every time. overall, except when i noticed a small fight break out in the ATM line, everyone i met was super friendly and care free. the folks in the water line were not exception, even got a few to sign the petition while waiting. (great story huh)

ended up getting sprayed by a hose while taking these, thanks for still working after that camera.

the east side social center table; this is where i spent most of my down time

the free radicals were marching around playing music in the street, and promoting their upcoming CD release party.

new fav local band: Love Horse. lead vocalist, good friend, kristen.

some crazy dance moves going down during Sister Crayon.

guess i wasn’t the only person who thought riding my bike would be a good idea.

so free press summer fest day 1 in a nutshell: ya it was hella hot, but for some reason i’ve already forgotten how miserable it was. guess its sort of like how every year you look forward to summer in houston – regardless of how much you cursed it the year before. wish there would have been more bands i was psyched to see, although the festival got a whole lott’a hype this year, when you examined it closely, it really wasn’t THAT special. also pretty bummed about how expensive and commercial it’s getting. i remember when tickets were $25 for the weekend and it wasn’t all about “being cool” (wow, go ahead and make fun of me for that statement, i know how pompous and “hipster” it sounds). i had a long talk with the super happy fun land stage manager about how there stage was the only one not sponsored by Budweiser, how sad is that.

free press summer fest 2012 coverage of day 2 coming tomorrow.


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  1. June 4, 2012

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt about Austin!!!
    2. I totally agree with the promotion but not so special part.
    3. But both of us getting free tickets? = score!

    • June 5, 2012

      1. it was such a pleasant surprise to see you guys amongst the sea of people at FPSF
      2. invite mak and i over for a house warming party!

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