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Free Press Summer Fest 2012. day 2

2012 June 6

so, free press summer fest 2012 day 1 left me with a little sunburn and blisters in between my toes. but summer fest day 2 had robert and willie on the ticket and i wasn’t going to miss them for anything. heres’ the rest of my FPSF story:

walked up to stage 2 just in time to hear the last few songs of grandfather child. had a long conversation with lucus (the lead singer/steel guitar player) at black hole coffee shop a few weeks ago while waiting for a blind date, i wonder if he remembers that at all?

more than half the band stayed on stage for the next act, Robert Ellis and the boys. (mak and my FAVORITE local artist) we used to spend every wednesday night dancing to robert ellis’ country songs at ftiz’s wiskey wednesdays. those are our favorite best friend memories btw.

i met up with a mutual robert ellis fan (ross) and we danced and sang along to “Comin Home” (the song i featured on mak and my roadtrip post HERE)

i even had the pleasure of enjoying the show with Mrs. Ellis and family. check out destiny ellis’ blog HERE (we chatted about blogs in between songs and she admitted she’s been, and headed back, on tour with her husband and therefore too busy to keep posting regualary. maybe if we all make whole lot of ruckus she’ll make some time to share a little of the tour with us! )

new local band: black coffee. ryan is one of my ex-bf’s roommates – i’d be scared of him, his tattoos, and music if i didn’t know how nice he really is.

me at the super happy fun land stage getting some signatures for the Keep Sharing Free Petition while waiting for Demonic Hen to get set up.

Demonic Hen put on a stellar show complete with shredded paper confetti, real avocados thrown into the audience, and lyrics we could all sing along too.

not sure if my friend Austin made this see-saw or what, but he sure was “owning” it when i walked by

other favorite band to play the super happy fun land stage, The Grass Skirts.

FPSF day 2 resulted in lots more signature gathering for the Houston-Keep-Sharing-Free petition

and then, a little before 5pm, WILLIE FREAKIN’ NELSON hit the stage. if you didn’t know already, the name of makenzie and my blog “pancho and leftey” comes from the willie nelson song Pancho and Lefty. (well, it’s really a  Townes Van Zandt’s song but we first fell in love Willie and Merle’s version) so you KNOW i was excited to see willie himself.

here’s my friend Hunter in a tree nook, primo view of the stage over the heads of all the “fancy pants” ticket buyers

here’s me (sweaty and sunburned) and Alex, an old college friend. check out her tumblr HERE.

Willie Nelson didn’t end up singing “pancho and lefty” but put on a dazzling show none the less. after he played it was almost dinner time and i was freakin hot and ready to go home. summer fest 2012 was a success.

what did you guys think about FPSF 2012 ?


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  1. June 6, 2012

    What is the Keep Sharing Free Petition?

    • June 6, 2012

      thanks for asking andrew. a few months ago houston city council passed a law that makes, as of july 1, 2012, it illegal to share food with 5 or more hungry people (aka charitable giving to the homeless) on private or public property without prior permission from the city. i’m part of a group, food not bombs, that shares food with hungry people 4 nights a week at the downtown library. we’ve been doing this for 14 years, serving over 70 people each night. this new law would crimalize us and if “caught sharing food” we could be fined $2,000. so… we’re hoping to get 26,000 signatures to propose a counter amendment that would be on the ballot in november. the petition isn’t asking people to agree/disagree with the law already passed, simply getting it on the ballot for the people of houston to be albe to vote on it themselves. check out our facebook page and get involved, also FYI there is an online petition going around, but it is not official and those signature won’t count for the conter amendment.

      • June 6, 2012

        Thanks for the information. That is pretty shocking that something like that went through. I will be sure to sign it when I see it!

      • sandrada719 permalink
        June 9, 2012

        thanks for the tour – good pic framing / layout

  2. June 6, 2012

    GROSS picture of me! :/

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