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“thats one good BINGO”

2012 June 15

last night makenzie, myself, and a half dozen other friends trecked out to the SPJST Hall: Lodge 88 in the houston heights for BINGO. let me break if down for all of ya’ll who have never been to a thursday night BINGO. the game starts at 7:45 pm but you need to be there at 6pm to guarantee a seat (5:15 to reserve a table). you can bring food, wine, and liquor (they ask that you buy soft drinks/beer/water/mixers from them). tickets are $5 for the WHOLE night. thats a pretty sweet deal seeing you can win up to $300 on one game.

then you sit and sit and sit and wait and wait and wait, along with 700 other people, for the game to start. halie and i brought snacks, some friends of a friend brought a deck of cards, and mostly we just gabbed about summer-time-life. i went on and on about all my house-sitting jobs, how sore i was from yoga, and the freakin hard midterm i just took for my geology summer-school class. makenzie talked about our trip to london in july, grandparent anecdotes, and her latest secretary job. other friends talked about other things.

here are halie’s olives and my glasses. so, i only need my glasses for distance (particularly when driving or biking at night) and therefore didn’t get much use out of them last night. although we did end up making some jokes out of them, they turned into “community” glasses and anytime someone couldn’t understand the letter/number called we’d all yell “put on the dang community glasses so you can see the board”. one friend would even put them on every now and then and pretend to be a grandma, you know who you are.

(the only way to make halie + makenzie look the same height was to have one scoot way up and the other way back. guess it’s obvious the way makenzie felt about this move)

here is half of our party. oh and that lady standing up in the blue shirt, she WON. we made jokes about stalking her afterwards, ganging up and stealing here winnings. JUST KIDDING.

look at margee – caught her mid “ink dobber to nose”. that end of the table was getting pretty rowdy, i mean with the wine and deck of cards and all.

there were a few outfit twins at our table. not intentional, i swear.

we ended up having a ball, no one in out gang won, but whatever it was still fun. i personally have a fear of winning and hope i never do, anytime i get close to getting a BINGO my palms start getting sweaty and my heart beat rises to extreem levels – i’m scared i’ll call out BINGO but will have made a mistake somewhere along the way and everyone will “boooo” me and i’ll turn all red and get embarressed and AHHH i don’t even like to think about it.

to all of you friends who couldn’t make it (jackie, matt, hilary, blair) you HAVE to try harder to make it next time, and yes there for sure will be a next time!


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