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Netflix Review: The IT Crowd

2012 July 3
by dena

The IT Crowd

This TV show is: very british, goofy, and light hearted

If you like Office Space and British humour, you’re going to love this TV show (or if you’ve ever worked in a large corporate setting and have ever had to deal with IT people).  This British comedy focuses on the shenanigans of the IT department for a large company, but they’re mostly hopeless! They’re always getting in to trouble or doing something stupid. They also never do any work.

Now, ladies, you may not be immediately drawn to this TV show, however, here are two good things about watching this show:

     1. You can watch it with your BF and you will both be happy.

     2. Why will you be happy? Because it’s got this hunk starring in it:

Dreamy, am I right? Chris O’Dowd. He was also in Bridesmaids, so you might recognize him from there. Not only will both you and your BF be happy, it’s just a funny show over all. So, yep, watch it.



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  1. July 11, 2012

    glad you brought some sun with you – we are getting some of your rain! The turban look may not be one of your best….good laughs tho

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