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changing of the guards and more sandwiches please

2012 July 11
by dena

Think Dena has it easy in London Well this is what she has to wake up to every morning. Me in my very cute pajamas, obviously very excited to be starting the day. My favorite breakfast here in London is toast with peanut butter and golden syrup which is in stark contrast to porridge, or as I like to call it, gruel. Actually it’s not that bad.

Dena’s breakfast this morning was granola with yogurt and mutant giant blackberries.

NEXT STOP the changing of the guards. We thought we were going to miss them but after eavesdropping on several tours and stopping to talk to A REAL BRITISH PERSON we were told not to worry the guards would pass right by. And they did.

Cool hats right? Dena and I are going to dress up like the guards so all the tourists will get out of our way and we can navigate the streets better.


Posin’ at Buckingham. Check out Dena’s cool tights, so jealous she can rock them. i’m too scared to wear leggings.

Stopped to get our favorite lunch, you guessed it, sandwiches after the changing of the guards. This time, cream cheese with spinach. My mom didn’t know her pin number so Dena had to buy it with all her moola. Thanks girl. At first we thought they said 45 pounds (close to 70 dollars) but then they actually just said 14 pounds and they lady just had a really thick accent. Another thing is that they don’t put ice in their drinks which made dena very 🙂

Just drinking a coke (or as they say here, coca cola) in the park (who the heck calls it a coca cola? the brits I guess).

Spotted a giant swan but you actually can’t tell how giant it is because I guess I dwarfed it when I sat next to it.

A rare beautiful day in London. Then, wamp wamp, it rained this afternoon. Oh well, at least we don’t sweat here.

On the platform to catch the tube home (after a down pour). Where am I looking? Who knows, probably at a dapper british man.

Inside the Victoria and Albert Museum. See that glass structure? I don’t really know the artists name but we learned about it in Art Appreciation and its like Chhouly or something. Anyway.

The CUTEST dad and son drawing in gallery. The dad’s sketch was very professional and the kids sketch was a typical kid sketch but that was neat in its own way.

COOLEST CHAIRS EVER. Giant tops that you could spin around in. At first I as freaking out and wouldn’t do it because I thought I was going to fall backwards but then I finally figured it out. Notice I’m wearing a tank top. There’s no air conditioning inside (of if there is I don’t feel it)

Dena of course figured out how to spin right away.

Noise I Was Making That Matched My Facial Expression: HEHEHEEE HEHEHEHE HEH

Noise Dena Is Making To Match Her Expression: HEHEHEHE EEEEEHEHE HEH merghhh

Little kid chilling and me kicking up my feet

Giant building and wading pool outside. Just me and a couple weird kids were utilizing the wading pool but whatever. It was refreshing.

Stopped in at Paul to get an afternoon treat, but, whamp whamp, the skies opened up and there was no seating in the restaurant.

SNACK RUN. My family doesn’t buy a lot of snacks because it’s hard to buy enough for all of us so Dena and I stash our chocolate in our bedroom.

Again, our favorite food. Pimento cheese and scallion, on sale.

Looks like a tasty drink right? Well….

Here’s my face as I went to take a sip and then…..

OH GOD. Turns out it was concentrated and you’re supposed to mix it with water so yep.





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  1. July 11, 2012

    Love the V&A Museum! Haha – you made me laugh with the Robinsons drink. By boyfriend’s cousin did the same thing when she came over from America.

    • July 11, 2012

      thanks for the comment lois, quick question: how did you find us and like will you please give us some london advice, we’d love to hear !!!

  2. July 11, 2012

    the very first pic is my favorite

  3. July 11, 2012

    Continue having fun!!! from Dena’s Dad stuck in Rainy Houston, yes it has rained here every day this week, but I’m not complaining!!

  4. July 11, 2012

    I think the artists name is Dale Chihuly? Someone made a cake of one of his sculptures for a gallery opening of his one time and it was made completed of sugar glass (which looks just like real glass), they even decided to figure out how to make it hang from the ceiling upside down just like his actual sculpture! It looked amazing, then just as they unveiled it to him the guy holding it up lost control of the rope holding it and it came crashing down to the floor. Sad day. Ok, so theres you useless information for the day I guess?

    Anyway, I am loving all of these pictures of you two! It looks like lots of fun! Totally having my own “london vacation” through your pictures! We will have to get coffee or something when ya’ll are both back so you can tell me all about it!!!!!!!

  5. Steve Pedigo permalink
    July 12, 2012

    All these sandwiches you’re eating, and you haven’t had a proper pub meal? You haven’t reported as such, but I hope you do get at least a few pub dinners in. Have you had fish and chips, yet? Or are you guys vegan? I miss England greatly, and I’m very jealous (of you) that I haven’t had occasion to go back, as yet. Had things gone differently in my life 20 years ago, I would be writing this post from Staines (Middlesex, west of London-I was married in Laleham..) Keep the photos coming, and have fun! Get out of London and take a road trip to Baath, Cornwall, Devon or Dorset (SW England)-it’s like driving (distance-wise) to Galveston! On the other side of the road!

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