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little bit of american life in london

2012 July 17
by dena

Well we got an early start this morning, we woke up at 8 AM and had breakfast and headed over to Camden Town. Today, we met up with Dena’s friend Kat. They went to PVA together so we were pretty excited to hear some American! We tried to meet up with Robert Ellis today too who is in town playing in London. But we keep missing him. Guess we’ll have to just wait ’til we’re back in the states.

Ta-da! Camden Town stop! Cool story about the shirt I’m wearing, there is a lady on Dena’s street who just gives away all her belongings every few years. Dena picked that shirt up for me. Oh no biggie, it’s just Celine shirt so yep pretty cool. Kat came and met us at the station and showed us around Camden! She lives near the canal and is design school here in London. She’s lived in a million places which is pretty cool!

Went to the food market (which was so cute) and met this guy making FRIED OREOS! We felt like we were at the Rodeo! He was so nice. Sorry we didn’t buy any of your food, guy.

DENA NOTE: THE FALAFEL MAN WAS SO CUTE, HALF THE REASON I BOUGHT IT. and no, i’m not talking about the guy in blue. obviously the one in red right next to him.

Me and Kat hanging out and eating. I got some pretty boring ethiopian rice and beans but it was nice to have a “stick-to-your-ribs” meal.

Um. Seems legit…

NEXT STOP: Regent’s Park. We walked over here from Camden which wasn’t too bad a walk. We stopped to get some coffee, lemonade (actually Sprite, true lemonade is “lemon squash”), and cake.

The queen’s rose garden in Regent’s Park. So beautiful!

After Regent’s Park we walked across the city to the giant Paperchase store at Tottenham Court. It was full of stationary, journals, drawing things, books, magazines, and satchels that I really wanted but were far too expensive. After that, we needed to head home to meet back up with my family so we parted ways. On our way home, we had a small change of plans so we needed to kill some time. Dena still wanted to pick up a souvenir or two so we swung by Camden real quick to get a few things.

Surprise I ended up buying the most stuff including some heart glasses that I’ve been wanting FOREVER. Also got that giant clutch on mega sale at paperchase. WOAH.

Dena got a map so she can start showing all the places she’s travelled. Pretty cool!!

This photo pretty much sums up Camden Town. Some really skanky people mixed in with a lot of tourists. Lot’s of weird hole-in-the-wall basements with flashing lights and techno music. Lots of stalls with quirky things to buy including a mood ring that Dena got me because I have always always wanted one. It was really fun to hang out with Kat and she was super nice. She showed us around the city and we enjoyed hanging out with her.



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  1. donna permalink
    July 20, 2012

    thanks for the tour of the Queen’s Garden, some of my favorite pictures – except the ones of you. looking forward to Scotland pic’s. xxoo mom

  2. July 27, 2012


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