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Netflix Reviews: Joe Dirt

2012 July 19
by dena

Joe Dirt

This Movie Is: Dumb, Pointless, and Endearing

Well, Joe Dirt is one of the dumbest movies on Netflix but it’s also hella funny. When I was in elementary school, this boy in my class always talked about it but I was never allowed to see it. Hence, I thought he (the boy in my class) was way cool. Well, I’m a grown up now and I watch what I want and Dena and I watched this on our Austin road trip. Think Napoleon Dynamite meets Dumb and Dumber meets….i don’t know…you’re weird Uncle Al. It’s the story of Joe Dirt trying to find his place in the world. He travels around looking for what he thinks he needs when all he really wanted was right under his nose (and I don’t mean his goofy mustache).

The best part is his catch phrase “Dang!” I try to work it into as many situations as I can.

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  1. July 19, 2012

    We used to watch this in one of my classes in high school. And I have a good guy friend who has a a PERFECT Joe Dirt wig. He used to randomly wear it to school and parties and stuff. Joe Dirt is sort of like the perfect mascot for Columbus…

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