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last day in london

2012 July 20
by dena

HI FRIENDS: Dena is currently in Ediburugh and I don’t have a camera so this ends our daily blogging in London. I’m sure Dena will have lots of pictures form Edinburgh when she gets back to the states. In the meantime, look forward to a Netflix review next week!

Well, Thursday was Dena’s last day in London. I’m still here for a bit longer with my family. She’s currently in Edinburough going to the Isle of Skye with a tour group. Exciting!

On Dena’s last day we went shopping in Covent Garden. Here’s her obligatory telephone picture.

So funny story: we were hungry and it’s cheaper here to do “take-away” than eat in the store, as in, they will charge you a few extra pounds to eat inside. Well, we forgot that it was pouring down rain and there was no where to sit so we ducked into this kind of sad alley.

As you can see, it was pretty dingy and there was a lot of rubbish back there. A few crust punk looking kids walked by and we wanted to say “What, can’t you tell we’re crusty ourselves?” After shopping, we walked to the Crypt at St. Martin’s-in-the-field for tea with my Mom. We got lost first thanks to my mom’s dang i-phone I borrowed. I didn’t realize it was taking us to a whole different Crypt. Who Knew.

The nice thing about getting lost was that we saw a poster for War Horse. We have an inside joke where we say War Horse in a loud obnoxious voice whenever we see a poster, but we pronounce it “WAHH HAWZ.” You have to say it in a loud British accent. GET IT??

This is the outside of the crypt. Looks cool huh?

It’s literally in the Catacombs of the church. There were gravestones under our table!

Here we are having “afternoon tea.” Afternoon tea includes tea, a scone, and little treats like cake or sometimes small finger foods like sandwiches and is eaten between 2 and 5 pm. Cream Tea means tea with a scone and clotted cream. It can be served at elevensees (served at 11 am, midmorning snack) or at afternoon tea time. High Tea is served around 5 -7 pm and is a much bigger affair. It is served with a hot dish such as fish and chips. Generally, a small meal is eaten late in the evening following a high tea.

Brass rubbings in the Crypt. You paid to make rubbings of these brass things. 

Why am I looking so awkward in this picture? Because I’m pointing to the cute guy behind me of course!

Dena + Street performer in the background. After the crypt we headed over to the National Gallery one last time to see the Titian exhibit. Then we headed home! The next day, Dena left. Wah!



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  1. July 20, 2012

    The Crypt look really interesting, but creepy! I really enjoyed all the inside info about the various teas.

  2. dena permalink
    July 20, 2012

    yes, thanks makenzie for this way good and informative blog post. it´s true i´m in scotland currently and missing my best friend. good stories regarding the rest of our travels to come !!!

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