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an american -after a few days- in scotland

2012 July 28
by dena

after my first free-city-tour of edinburgh’s old town/city center i felt like i pretty much knew the city. if you know me in real life you know that i’m like impressively good with directions (ask me out of the blue which was north is and, if we’re inside the 610-loop, i’m going to know it for a fact). in fact i even gave some other tourist directions, after 1 day! i guess what i’m trying to say is that i was a born to be traveler.

something else about me: i LOVE street performers. i like their dumb jokes and the thrill i get while they scan the audience for a volunteer – actually that las part is not true at all, i don’t like any sort of “thrill” or “rush” it just gets me stressed out.

that’s lili and i touching the toe of david hume’s statue. it’s suposed to be good luck, oh and i saw his grave too, so just sayin …  and if you were wondering what the french//spanish couple i was staying with looked like – here ya go.

one of my favorite parts of edinburgh was their city museum. that is me smiling at the one and only DOLLY THE FIRST EVER CLONED SHEEP, seriously, that’s the real her. and as for the next 2 pictures, i usually don’t do things like takepicturesinsidemuseums but this one was just too cool to not show off. the narwhale were my favorite, obviously.

on sunday fran,lili, and myself happened upon a city wide jazz//blues festival and spent a few hours in princess street park watching the festivities. the carnival samba band was probably my favorite.

from there we killed some time walking around “old town” which happened to be filled with cemeteries. did you know when i was little i used to go to graveyards with my dad to practice my metal math by calculating peoples age? just a little thing about me. then it was time for our ghost//underground edinburgh tour. it ended up being a little hokey but it was pretty cool to get to go into the underground limestone vaults – and we got complimentary whisky shots and shortbread at the end, so i guess it was worth it.

this picture was taken in lili//fran’s flat around 11:30pm, notice how the sun had just set. the days were crazy long. i also learned to cope with the spanish way of life while staying in edinburgh, what i’m trying to say is that we ate dinner around 10:30pm each night. speaking of eating, if you were wondering what i ate during this trip, wonder no longer:

1. dinner at home: mojitos, nachos on doritos, tomatoe+rocket+goat cheese.// 2. typical “Scottish”  breakfast, baked beans and all. btw my was all vegetarian OF COURSE just in case you were thinking of calling me out on that. // 3. lunch date alone in the grassmarket: smoothie, soup, tomatoe+cranberrie+bree on a bagel, oh and a dainty little london magazine i picked up for makenzie but ended up reading myself. // 4. egg+potatoe pancake thing, boring and carb-y. my favorite. // 5. cheep pizza and scotland’s soda of choice: iron bru.


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