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Netflix Reviews: Buffalo ’66

2012 August 2
by dena

Buffalo ’66

This Movie Is: Stylish, Understated, and Pulls at Your Heartstrings

Fun fact: I lost a spelling bee because I couldn’t spell Buffalo

This film, starring Christina Ricci, is moody and slow, but it is so charming. It’s about a man who is released from prison and sort of kidnaps this girl. The film is the story of their adventure and getting to know one another and facing the past. There is also a lot of bowling in this film and when I first saw it I was dating this guy who loved to bowl and we would literally go bowling once a week. Every time we went I would say “oh you really need to see Buffalo ’66” and then I would say, “wait, have you seen big lebowski?” Every dang time. Every time, he hadn’t seen either.

For me, this film is right up there with Annie Hall, which means I LIKE IT A LOT. It’s moody and dreamy and i could watch it over and over.

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