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bff brunch at Barnaby’s Cafe

2012 August 10
by dena

so, these pictures are pretty dated (hence my no-glasses and cloud nail polish) in fact they’re from the day mak and i moved out of our campus apartments and home for the summer. -like way before our UK trip- we had just packed everything up and thought we deserved a little treat a.k.a. REAL FOOD. we took two cars to the Barnaby’s on shepherd (my truck and her baby car were bursting with “stuff” and neither one wanted to unpack the passenger seat of the other one to sit it, so we just drove along side each other) the environment gave us 2 thumbs up for that.

yay water, good choice after spending the last 4+ hours packing. but the real reason: i’m way cheep and wasn’t about to spend more money than i had too on breakfast.

makenzie is addicted to coffee. so yep, heh heh she had to spend more money than me.

what we ordered, off this menu


  • green eggs: scrambled eggs, spinach, artichoke hearts, jack cheese.
  • toast
  •  hash browns
  • sausage


  • breakfast burrito: scrambled eggs, black beans, jack cheese (very simple and BORING just the way i like it)
  • hash browns
  • carb overload? my favorite? i think YES and YES

btw i was trying to look real unattractive, so i guess it was pretty much a success.

we split the bill and parted ways, half sad that we’d be apart for a majority of june (see makenize’s post about “what the heck she was up to this summer) and half ready to half ready to go home and get out of each other’s hair – it was a crazy-jam-packed semester and both needed some recoup time. good thing we made up for lost time over seas. and now the count down for the fall semester begins. oh how we miss seeing each other everyday !!!


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  1. August 10, 2012

    haha love the unattractiveness..its almost attractive. haha. yummmmms. I love baby barnabys!! both of those plates look so great! I usually get what makenzie gets!

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