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the NEW buffalo exchange on bissonnet

2012 August 17
by dena

buffalo exchange is one of our favorite stores EVER. we love the one on westheimer because #1 dena tries really hard to not buy “new” clothes, therefore resale is totally the way to go #2 because we’ve both have/had crushes on employees #3 because of the 50% off rack AND because its a cool place to see and be seen. so what could be better than the orignal houston location on westheimer? thats right, NOTHINGCOULDEVERBEBETTER. BUT in a close 2nd place is the newest location – bissonnet @ kirby – which happens to be 2 blocks away from my parents house – so yep, pretty cool.

makeznie had work near the rice village one day last week AND i have a morning dog walking job in the neighborhood AND we hadnt seen each other in more than 10 hours – so why wouldn’t we meet, on bikes, at the new buffalo exchange for a little mid morning treat.

for some reason pretty much everything i touched looked like it would be a “good idea” on my body. i don’t know why i thought that. SO anyway i tried on a million and one outfits. bad news: only 2 pairs of shorts actually fit – good news: since the other things didn’t fit i didn’t HAVE to buy them and therefore i didn’t have to spend much money. my favorite.

here is a dress that makenzie did NOT get. and here is a dress i tried on that ALMOST made me want to be sailor moon for halloween.

mak DID end up getting a hat. which if you know how BIG her head is you know this is a pretty BIG deal, seeing that she can never find one that fits. i bought my 2 pairs of shorts and put my skipthebagbutgetatoken in the box with the word “husky” in it. other best thing about this new store, they had a bike rack – so yep, pretty cool.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 17, 2012

    Cool for you but bummer for us…Buffalo Exchange closed their Height’s location to open on Bissonnet

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