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Ruth Coop Permabiltz

2012 September 11
by dena

let me tell you about my weekend. RUTH HAUS. that pretty much sums it up. yep, i was at ruth co-op and with future ruth residents from 9am to 2am the next morning – prettymuchnonstopALLDAY. and guess what, i’m not tired of them and it wasn’t even punishment. heck i just got back from giving someone else a Ruth tour a few minutes ago. ilovethatplace. for those of you who have heard bits and pieces of the Ruth Haus story and are wondering what the heck i’m talking about, let me tell you. “Ruth” is the 2nd co-op started by the non-profit HAUS (HoustonAccess to UrbanSustainability) the 1st house currently has 10 residents and is located on the edge of midtown, Rosalie House, maybe you’ve hear about it. if not you can read our post about it HERE. so this new house is located inbetween midtown and the museum district on the east side of house (near blodgett and almeda) and was built in 1923. move in date is october 1st and i’m going to be 1 of the 15 people who will reside there (yep, you heard right we have 15+ bedrooms). we’ll share cleaning, vegetarian cooking, and gardening responsibilities and pretty much live in the 3 story + basement + attic + elevator + garage apartment community that is our house.

this saturday we spent the ENTIRE day working on Ruth Haus. gardening, cleaning, painting, hauling stuff to the dump, oh and of course carrying on and having a good time. i took these first 2 photos from sophia’s 3rd floor window btw.

pretty sweet action shot. chris came prepared in work boots and overalls. mak and i even caught him with a hammer in the little hammer holder thing on his left hip. i honestly don’t think i’ve every actually ever seen anyone do that. as you can imagine, that was one of the highlights of working outside. other highlights include: watching the men use pick-axes to cut through the houston clay ground, measuring pallets to use as the raised bed walls, and unloading dirt from david’s pick-up truck. really REALLY eventful and FUN. (yes that is sarcasm, just in case you couldn’t hear my tone through your computer screen) but heck, it needed to get done so we all worked at it.

here is david c and david h working hard. (if you think having double david’s is going to be confussing let me just tell you we also have 2 beccas and 2 scotts moving in). pictured below is becca v who was sorta in charge of the garden and one of the hardest workers. she is SUPER dedicated and for that we’re all so grateful.

look at me looking hot and sweaty. notice i don’t even have a shovel in my hand, yep mak and i were slacking at this point. but oh my gosh let me tell you we made up for it later. after a majority of the help went home we were still driving truck loads to the dump and then painting bedrooms and bathrooms on the third floor. iwassotiredandgrumpyandreadytogiveupby4pm.

while cleaning out the downstairs garage we found some pretty neat stuff. like this doll, i mean COME ON. we also found a clock in the shape of africa and some purse/lunch box thing mak kept going on and on about.

awww here’s mak and my FAVORITE matthew. matt lives in the down together co-op house a few blocks away. you better believe we’re going to be joining forces and making some good stuff happen really soon.

this is what we call the “bass room” because when our landlord first bought the house he said there was a stand up bass in here. so the name stuck and although we now call it “evan’s room” sometimes it’s fun to call it the bass room. (did you catch that, i just said it’s fun to call it the bass room. what a bunch of BS there is nothing “fun” about it, it’s just a thing we do sometimes) point is, we had to paint it. so this is mak and tony and jamie, evan, and chris working hard.

by this point is was late afternoon and i’d been there since early morning and wasreadytoLEAVE. mak and tony aren’t even going to live in ruth haus and yet they were troopers and stuck it out to the end with me. thanks friends.

after this we all snuck into richmont square apartments to cool off in the pool (and scrape all the paint off our arms and legs. swimming totally counts a taking a bath/shower btw) and then it was off to dinner and some art openings for me while mak went babysitting. whamp whamp. but wait, there’s more. at 9pm we headed BACK to Ruth for a little PARTY. some other haus members showed up as well as some other peeps from the counter culture gang. We told embaressing stories about ourselves into the wee morning hours.

phil was one of party guests. wait what ? you’re not best friends with THE phil walk like mak and i are ? well then you might not even know about his NEW and HILARIOUS blog. it’s in fact our “brother blog” and equally as informative when it comes to houston events and culture. check out his version of saturday night HERE. and then check back here to PANCHOANDLEFTEY later today or maybe even tomorrow morning for some freaky pictures from our saturday night house party. ( let me just say, you’ll be glad you did)


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  1. September 11, 2012

    Whoa by the time I got there it was dark so I didn’t even notice you guys had painted. You got a ton of stuff done. PS I hope you got a good picture of my hypermobility.

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