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first Ruth Haus party

2012 September 12
by dena

as promised, here are the prized possesion pics from the first ever Ruth Haus house party. or at least to first one i was invited to. so as i stated in the last post, THIS ONE, the ruth haus gang, along with some very VERY generous friends spent saturday workin hard on the garden, garage, and house in general and we so deserved a party. or at least david and david thought we did – and we all showed up so i guess they were right. there was snacks (thanks rosalie haus) and lot’o drinks and even some jello shots from the white linen night after party (read about it HERE). point it, it was way fun. lots of sitting around in folding chairs on the front-side porch telling dumb jokes and carrying on.

ok, i don’t know how this started BUT turns out our man phil can dislocated his left shoulder and literally wrap his arm around himself. IT BLEW ALL OF OUR MINDS. in a good way. actually in a squealing and peeling over laughing kind of way.

sorry about the flash man. hummmm, now you see what it’s like. flashing bright lights in people’s face in the dark. oh and, if you think things were bad when just phil was doin the weird stuff you KNOW we all screamed when we found out that dane, scott’s friend in the gray shirt, could sort-a do it to. wow FUN STORY. check out what else we did on phil’s post HERE.

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  1. September 12, 2012

    Wow that actually looks pretty weird from behind. In a good way, of course.

  2. September 13, 2012

    ummm ya. that’s why were we all freakin out man !!!

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