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houston events calendar: september 17-23, 2012

2012 September 17
by dena

this is SO late. so sorry. and sorry there are no pictures. LAME i know. its just that sometimes i think about how long it takes me to make this events calendar and i start dreding it and … procrastinate like crazy. but here it is. and if you’re just now looking at it you’ll have only missed like 4 of the events. and there’s a lot this week so, its pretty much like you didn’t really miss any in comparison. so yep. enjoy. btw, me or mak will be at the one’s in PURPLE. and if you have anything to add leave a comment of email us at:

monday september 17, 2012

tuesday september 18, 2012

wednesday september 19, 2012

thursday september 20, 2012

friday august 21, 2012

saturday september 22, 2o12

sunday september 23, 2012

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