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houston local-live-radio show interview

2012 October 3
by dena

as you might have read at the end of my post yesterday – last thursday was a WAY busy evening for makenzie and i. we had the potluck, which never ceases to disappoint, but on either side of that pot-luck-sandwich we had 2 other exciting things happen. the first exciting thing was our first ever BLOG INTERVIEW. we were invited by jeff hunter to a live recording of local live houston’s montrose rock revel show. WOW we were and still are so honored to be recognized.

so we got there plenty early and got to hang out with a bunch of houston zine fest people in the studio lobby. first up was Excuse Me Sir, a new-ish houston band, i’ll bet you’d recognize one of the members (kelsey l. bland) (she is such a cutie) check them out ! and then …. it was our turn. we got to talk about how we got started and what we do and why and where and it was SO FUN. oh and the most exciting part: jeff labeled us as HOUSTON SCENE BLOGGERS. what an exciting name for what we do. so it’s official – we’re houston scene bloggers. if you haven’t heard it yet … click on THIS LINK and listen to us. btw: we come on at about 28:10. eeeeekkkkkkk soooo exciting.

if there are any other local live radio show hosts out there *hint hint* you know who you are – and you want us to brighten up your show … just ask us and you KNOW we’ll say yes.


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  1. Andrew Cobb permalink
    October 3, 2012

    This is awesome. Ya’ll deserve recognition for all the work it takes to put this together. Keep it rockin.

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