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austin road trip . fall 2012 . DAY 2

2012 October 17
by dena

got a little behind on these road trip posts, guess it’s just because we were having so much fun. its sorta creepy how well mak and i get along sometimes. we were seriously together NON-FREAKIN-STOP and only got in one little tiff, and it only lasted for like 2 minutes. so yep. guess we’re just BEST FRIENDS. ok back to road-trippin’ day 2. we drove to austin and it wasn’t even as bad as we had planned. ya parking sucked and there were zillions of people everywhere honking and looking the same. but we still managed to have a little fun.

first thing first. eating. we usually drive ourselves crazy by putting a bunch of restrictions on “how” we roadtrip. andby”we”iactuallymeanmebecasue i’malittlebitOBSESSIVE. for example: i wanted us to not do anything on the main drag, and not do anything touristy and well ok we exited ben white drove north on south 1st turned right headed back up south congress and ate at probably the most touristy-main drag-restaurant we could find. and guess what, it was GOOD and we HAD LOW KEY FUN.

i had black bean tamales and mak had one VEGAN taco and one breakfast taco with spinach. and best part – our meals together, with the tip and everything WERE UNDER $20. cheep is definitely a requirement no matter what, we never do anything that costs much.

now time for shopping. awww yeaaaaa. too bad EVERYTHING was so expensive .oh and vegan soft serve – whats the deal with this, it was EVERYWHERE. houston needs to get on board with this trend.

then we headed over to the spider house cafe where we had the coffee-rico  or something like that (iced coffee with vaniella) and horchata oneofmyfavoritedrinksever. oh and we got to have some internet / book time aww yea.

things really got good when we headed up north to Monkey Wrench Books which is a super cool volunteer run sedition books like store. it was sorta awkward, the worker lady didn’t talk like AT ALL. but makenzie got 2 books on today’s media and i almost got a bumper sticker and yep, we felt right at home.

here is a FNB benefit show flyer. speaking of austin FNB – we didn’t go this time, but last road trip to austin we made a special trip to serve with them. there we only 2 volunteers and only about a dozen hungry people and so SOOOO much food.

after that we did a little bit more vintage/resale shopping. got the bf a little present and then drove on back to lockheart, where we were staying. so i gueeeesssss you could say we had some fun … but it sure is good to be back home now.

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  1. October 18, 2012

    Dude your posts just made me want to be there with y’all! Haha

  2. October 20, 2012

    The last picture is awesome. You rock those frames Makenzie!

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