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food not bombs benefit concert

2012 October 24
by dena

i totally thought i had already published the post, i made it a while ago during one our our blogpost-heavyweeks and was saving it for a sparce sorta sad week like this where there was a bunch of stuff going on but no time to publish anything. so thanks Past Dena for thinking about Future Dena you plan totally worked. anyway here are some pictures from the Food Not Bombs Benefit concert at Fitz. But first, it was makenzie’s turn to lead a bike ride with the UST Bike Club. It was us and 2 boys from school +1 we brought along. A really great group seeing that we got to zip through houston traffic (a few of us had fixed gears) and after riding around the zoo/hermanpark/Rice area made it down to Discovery Green just in time to hear Grandfather Child. welovelocaloustonmusic !!!

after that we biked to Freebirds for some sustenance and then off to the concert at Fitz. first up, adam from adam and the ancient gods. you might also know him as the guy who was always at sedition books and now is always at east side social center – or the guy who works in the produce department of whole foods – or one of the downtogether guys. any way you slice it he is a great guy and a super talented musician.

we asked people to bring non-parishable food items – we got a ton of beans and lentils – and here are some of the t-shirts we sold.

then tyagraja, or as makenzie and i say it “ty-raj-a-rar”. someone cool told me his new album, of which he performed a few weeks ago at cactus (i’m telling ya, these instore FREE music session/ FREE beer things are pretty darm cool)  is AMAZing.

then it was time for some free rads, and some dancing of course. i think this picture below is makenzie – although it could very well be me. its funny how we really don’t look that much alike, and yet so many people confuse us.

lastly was the willy collins band, they were headlining the show. by this point i was exhausted but felt compelled to say #1 because it’s a freakin FNB benefit and #2 because this band was really rockin’. thanks to any and everyone who participated. hope some more brave souls will plan/organize another one of these next year. it’s so nice to see fellow volunteers somewhere other than with a serving spoon in their hand.

and don’t forget, on a side note, if you’re free tomorrow evening it’s the october DOWN TOGETHER POT LUCK !!! bring a vegan/vegetarian dish to share and pumpkin to carve. i will be there with a bf and a bff (girl you better be able to come)


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